To Buy or Not to Buy


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A couple of months ago, my sister invited me to go out to Florida to see her and her family. My mom and her husband were going to be there too. It seemed a great opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.

I don’t mean that the way it sounds. That came out wrong. It seemed like a great chance to see them all in one trip. Mom and Hank live in Illinois so I usually have to pick one place or the other if I’m going to go visiting.

Anyway, so I went. That was last week.

My sister, Aria, and her husband own a business, and they do a lot of work in an over-55 community. You can visit their website here.  Aria took us there one day to show us the place, just because she talks about it a lot and they have some big contracts there and she wanted us to be able to envision where they spend a lot of their work time.

I was super impressed with the place. It rocks an Italian theme—Tuscan, to be exact—with tile roofs and big terra cotta planters and buildings with columns and all that. The homes are well kept up and the landscaping is consistently cared for throughout the whole property. (HOA dues are to thank for that, I know.)

I asked Aria if we had time to go through a couple of model homes while we were there. The thought I had been struck by was: I am 45 and retirement is only 20-some years away.

It’s not a bad idea to start checking out places now for where I might want to live.

Sounds a little crazy, maybe, but hey, I’m a long-term thinker.

We went through about six models and I probably would have bought on the spot if I had been ten years older. I just wasn’t quite ready to make the commitment. I mean, 20 years isn’t far away when you’re thinking about preparing for it financially, but it’s kind of far away when you’re thinking about buying a place and maintaining it long distance for two decades.

Still, it felt great to find a place like that, do a bit of exploring, and know that it’s there. The development is still being built out, and I imagine in ten years if I’m still interested, there will still be homes to buy.

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